Pharaohs Treasure

Pharaohs Treasure is a match making Puzzle Game. There are lots of tiles on the [...]


Mahjong is a very popular Chinese Game. To complete a game you must clear the bo [...]

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers is an Gold Mining Game. Use your snake like suction machine to expl [...]

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is a fast paced elimination game. Find 2 or more fruits of the same [...]

Pipol Destinations

Pipol Destinations is an amazing strategy game. Its a bit like lemmings but diff [...]

Where Is Osama

In Where Is Osama, the objective of the game is to locate Osama in the crowd. As [...]

Color Burst

In Color Bust you need to make the bubbles explode with just one click. Each lev [...]

Sim Lemonade Millionaire

The objective of the game is to sell as many lemonades as you can. Buy upgrades [...]


Seesaw is a Word Finding Puzzle Game. You have been captured, and must fight to [...]

Bubble Shift

In Bubble Shift, the objective of the game is to collect as many coins possible [...]

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