• Superbike Extreme Superbike Extreme is the ultimate superbike racing game! Pit your skills against five other players, across five increasingly challenging tracks as you race you [...]
    [410 plays]
  • Sim Taxi In Sim Taxi, the main objective of the game is to look for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as quickly as you possibly can but without damaging [...]
    [937 plays]
  • Rapidz 3D In Rapidz 3D you are piloting a missile through a tunnel, all through the tunnel there are rotating obstacles flying towards you, try to guide your way through [...]
    [810 plays]
  • Fun Math Math is a great way to boost your overall logic and thinking skills (and one of the most lucrative degrees you can earn!). You'll be faced with a slew of fast-p [...]
    [497 plays]
  • Javelin Javelin is the adrenaline pumping sports game placing you in the role of an esteemed Javelin thrower in the FOG Olympics Decathlon event. You get 5 rounds of 3 [...]
    [494 plays]
  • Urban Sniper 2 In Urban Sniper 2, your mission is to Eliminate Don Pedrito and his goons, by following your instructions to kill specific targets, given to you by email. Keep [...]
    [751 plays]
  • Mountain Bike Mountain Bike is a side scrolling physics game, Ride your BMX bike through the countryside and reach the end of the track before your energy bar reaches zero. T [...]
    [414 plays]
  • Baseball Challenge In Baseball Challenge, you've got some awesome challenges ahead of you if you want to complete your super cool Baseball career in style!! Hit home-runs, aim for [...]
    [472 plays]
  • Climber In Climber, the objective of the game is to keep climbing until you reach the top so you can warm your frozen feet in your mountain climbing chalet by a nice wa [...]
    [477 plays]
  • Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf is a defence game! The goal of the game is to protect the sheep from a relentless army of fierce wolves by building up guns and turrets to defend t [...]
    [429 plays]
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